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Endless Avian Aviation Adventure Spin Hawk Swoops Onto Android

Having already made such great games as Super Heavy Sword and Steam Punks the fine folks over at indie developer Monster Robot Studios decided to take a stab at a riff on endless flappy style games and what they’ve come up with brings the genre full circle, literally. Like any dev worth their salt Monster Robot Studios didn’t just set out to make a clone though they wanted to make something special and thus they began work researching the most common movement patterns of birds in mobile games in order to ensure their fine feathered protagonist would have his very own style of movement. And then it hit them, the answer was obvious. With all the flapping and sliding about in bird based games these days why not just do a full 360 degree movement instead? This marked the genesis of Monster Robot Studios’ stupendously addicting new endless runner/flier Spin Hawk: Wings Of Fury.


As with most games in the genre the idea here is simply to survive as long as possible without flying into a tree or getting vaporized by a nuclear missile with tons of unlockables to spice up the gameplay and achievements for bragging rights but Monster Robot Studios also went the extra mile to infuse it with their signature style. For starters having the player’s character move in a circular motion changes alot more than you might think about how you approach an endless runner. Things are much more strategic rather than reflexive and you’ll find yourself planning ahead by guesstimating your trajectory more often than you will concentrating on ultra precise tapping. Then there’s all the cool little extras like the fact that this game introduces crazy screen filling bosses out of nowhere just when you think you’ve got Spin Hawk mastered.


If you like games like Flappy Bird and Tiny Wings but wish you could try something a little different be sure to give Spin Hawk: Wings Of Fury a whirl. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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