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Twin Stick Meets Tower Defense In Planetary Guard: Defender

The tower defense genre has gotten a shot in the arm recently thanks to the release of indie developer Blackland Games’ unique new hybrid twin stick shooter Planetary Guard: Defender. This gorgeous looking shoot ’em up blends together elements of Super Stardust, Geometry Wars, and standard tower defense into an intriguing new premise that adds in its own spin on the gameplay. As the pilot of a massive planetary defense tank it’s up to players to single handedly lead the charge against a relentless horde of alien invaders by blasting them to smithereens whilst strategically laying down a variety of differently powered turrets. This introduces a whole new level of gameplay to the mix and helps to give Planetary Guard: Defender a decidedly rare flavor.

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There’s a good sense of progression to be had as players advance through the campaign due to a steady stream of new weapons, towers, and upgrades that can be unlocked by collecting resources dropped from ships in-game. You start out small with just a single tank but soon you are able to unleash all sorts of cool weaponry upon the alien hordes and there’s always something new to work towards. Placing towers is surprisingly intuitive, they can be spawned on the battlefield with the tap of a button or dragged into position if necessary. The difference between the towers is more than cosmetic too and lets players fight the extraterrestrial menace their own way.


An addicting mashup of strategy and shooting, Planetary Guard: Defender’s unique focus makes a world of difference. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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