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Metroid-esque Platformer Space Expedition Lands On Android

What’s in a name? Although having a unique title is usually considered a must for any game a very cool new platformer from Dead Ahead developer Mobirate called Space Expedition is proving you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover. This rather unassuming sidescroller feels like a true hidden gem as its terrific creepy sci-fi atmosphere and great gameplay will immediately pull in anyone curious as to what Space Expedition has to offer. A heady mix of Metroid inspired gaming sensibilities and tense Aliens style moments help elevate Space Expedition above and beyond just being a good platformer by telling the story of a lone astronaut who has been sent to an abandoned research station on a distant planet where an experiment has gone horribly wrong.

spaceexpidition spaceexpidition3

Intuitive jet-pack fueled platforming serves as the dish de ‘jour here as players will get to hop around an alien world that’s falling apart at the seams which means lots of cave ins, hidden monsters, and destructible environments. One really neat mechanic Space Expedition makes excellent use of is that the ground is unstable so players must watch their step otherwise they might find out that short jump wasn’t really as short as they thought it was. As players progress through the story they’ll begun to unravel the mystery of what happened to the space station, solve complex puzzles, and shoot the crap out of ravenous giant bugs.


Space Expedition is a fantastic sci-fi horror platformer with a slick retro style and great gameplay. It’s on sale now through December 31st for $1.84 on Google Play.

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