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Rico Followup Nub’s Adventure Enters Early Access On Android

One of the best indie platformers on Android is getting an awesome spiritual followup. Since its release indie developer IMakeGames’ superb retro sidescroller Rico has gained near universal praise for its well designed platforming and imaginative use of pixel animation in an artistic capacity. That same aesthetic is getting quite the upgrade with Rico’s successor Nub’s Adventure, now available as an early access title on Google Play.

Much like Rico, Nub’s Adventure is an oldschool style platformer in the vein of old MS-DOS classics with absolutely gorgeous pixel art visuals and a real eye for what made those kind of sidescrollers so enjoyable. You can see bits and pieces of assorted genres poking their heads into the gameplay from time to time, such as with the games massive Metroid-y environments and light puzzle solving reminiscent of Super Mario Bros 2. But rather than merely throw these elements in haphazardly and say “Hey remember this? It’s sooooooo retro right? RIGHT?!?” as so many developers seem to want to do the creators of Nub’s Adventure instead include such mechanics for the simple reason that they work.

nubsadventure2 nubsadventure3

So what does “Early Access” even mean in the context of an Android game on Google Play? Well in this case the developer has taken the rather generous approach of releasing an early but sizable chunk of the full game for free with players having the option to tip the creators by buying an in-game character a coffee. It’s a really cool way of approaching game development as releasing Nub’s Adventure this way allows the developer to get a better handle on what players want to see in future updates as well as ensure the game can be supported to completion.


Even at this early stage Nub’s Adventure is already a fantastic game and it looks like it will only get better from here. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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