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Anime Style Bullet Hell Shooter INheritage Zooms Onto Android


It’s starting to become more and more commonplace nowadays for mobile games to see a simultaneous release on both iOS and Android but sadly this hasn’t always been the case. At one time titles like indie developer Tinker Games’ 2013 bullet hell shooter INheritage: Boundary Of Existence would launch on iOS with a big question mark attached to any possible Android version. Well, rejoice bullet hell shooter faithful as INheritage has finally arrived on Android complete with all of its over the top levels of shoot ’em up action and whole visual novels worth of richly animated characters intact.

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Make no mistake, INheritage isn’t some watered down mobile shooter with gimped gameplay, it’s an unapologetically full fledged twitch shoot ’em up that delivers an amount of detail normally associated with a retail console release. While the core of INheritage is a fine tuned bullet hell romp in the tradition of classics like Ikaruga its story proper is told through fully voiced cutscenes that tell the tale of a super powered heroine on a quest to save the world from evil, pretty standard stuff as far as anime goes but that doesn’t make it any less impressive in an Android shoot ’em up. As players progress through the levels they’ll be able to unlock a slew of crazy weapons and power ups that let them tailor their character’s arsenal to their preferred style of shooter combat such as spread weaponry or a gigantic laser.


Shooter fans that are tired of console ports and bite sized shoot ’em ups will definitely want to take a look at INheritage: Boundary Of Existence. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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