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Test Your Sight In Manic New Twitch Tap ‘Em Up Spinner

It’s The Circle Of Strife.

Have you ever seen one of those arcade prize machines where you have to stop a spinner/light-bulb at the right spot in order to win? Well someone went and took that incredibly frustrating concept and turned it into a devilishly clever minimalistic arcade game that will still leave you cursing at an inanimate object, but at least this time you’ll actually be having fun. It’s called Spinner, and it’s awesome.

spinner1 spinne44

The brainchild of indie developer Perishtronic Studios, Spinner may look rather straightforward at a glance but this deceptively deep dance of polyhedrons and precision timing will push players reflexes to the limit as they attempt to overcome its digital onslaught. As a needle spins its way around a psychedelic warp field of sorts players need to tap and gesture at a cacophony of varied obstacle types in order to score points and keep their combo going. This starts out simple at first but soon escalates to progressively more preposterous levels of difficulty as players reach certain high score milestones.


Arcade fanatics looking for something to sink their teeth into will definitely want to check out Spinner. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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