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Bizarre MS-DOS Style Adventure Game Skullz Lands On Android

Molder & Skully

Despite the undeniable legacy classic adventure games like Space Quest, Loom, and The Secret Of Monkey Island have left behind the old school pixel filled adventure genre has seen an unfortunate decline in recent years. Chalk it up to today’s rapid fire gaming culture or just simple lack of awareness but people seem to have forgotten just how immersive an experience a game like Kings Quest can deliver using only the simplest of gameplay and visuals that would be prehistoric by today’s standards. That’s why it’s been such a trip to play indie developer Feliks Balzer’s unique new MS-DOS inspired horror adventure game Skullz, a blast from the past that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end with a surreal story chock full of crazy meta moments.


Like classic adventure games such as Zork players are plopped into a strangely foreboding world full of madness as they struggle to escape using only their wits and the questionable advice of a floating skull who decided to come along for the ride. Aside from being a great adventure game in its own right, Skullz is also a gorgeous visual experience that makes the most of its lo-fi sensibilities thanks to terrific presentation and a clever use of perspective that really helps to draw the player into its macabre universe. Whether you traversing a barren night time landscape, headbutting an amorphous blob comprised of pure evil, or struggling to keep your eyes shut from the ethereal monsters tormenting your character you never know quite what to expect next.


Whether you’re into horror, old school adventure, or just plain unusual games Skullz is not to be missed. You can pick it up now for about $2 on Google Play. If you enjoy Skullz and would like to see more of it be sure to check out the developer’s Indiegogo page for information on the ambitious follow up, Skullz 2.

Skullz 2 On Indiegogo



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