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Explore The Universe In New Retro Survival RPG CosmoLands

While most crafting based RPGs like Terraria are usually land based affairs one new pixelated survival adventure game called CosmoLands is boldly taking the genre where no pixel has gone before…. well, to space at least. And while it does liberally borrow some beats typical of the genre such as an extensive item crafting system indie developer Bug Studio’s new procedurally generated sandbox RPG also introduces its own neat twists to the formula all built around the idea of being an intrepid outer space explorer on a one man mission in the farthest uncharted corners of the cosmos. In this pixelated interstellar odyssey not only will players be able to dig up the landscape for precious materials but they’ll also have to deal with things like exotic alien wildlife, running out of oxygen, and the occasional maruading space pirates bent on taking all of your stuff.

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There is a surprising amount of things to see and do in CosmoLands, so much so that the developer even created a companion app guide to help point out to struggling players what it takes to survive in the intergalactic frontier. As players navigate the stars in their spiffy space ship they’ll have to find suitable planets filled with usable materials before they run out of fuel or have an unfortunate run in with alien pirates. Once they land on a planet they’ll need to search for precious minerals while making sure not to get mauled by the local wildlife or any rival explorers that aren’t usually too keen on sharing.


By taking survival RPGs into interstellar territory CosmoLands puts its own unique spin on the genre. You can download it now on Google Play in both ad-supported and paid flavors.

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