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2-Bit Cowboy Developer Releases Spiritual Follow Up Ammo Pigs

Cascadia Games, the indie developer behind last year’s nostalgia heavy homage to the Gameboy 2-Bit Cowboy, is back with another awesome retro shoot ’em up called Ammo Pigs that keeps the old school sensibilities of its predecessor while taking things into a wildly different direction. This time around rather than sticking with 2-Bit Cowboy’s Gameboy motif the developer has instead drawn inspiration from the glory days of MS-DOS gaming when shareware was king and games like the original Duke Nukem series were exploring the finer points of pixelated blood as an art form. It’s in this tradition that Ammo Pigs revels as it’s been designed to look and play like a long lost gem hidden away on some dusty old floppy disk.

ammopigs2 ammopigs3

Set in a dystopian future where humanity’s reliance on factory farming has become its apparent downfall, players take control of a highly evolved pig commando as they fight back against an army of unstoppable sentient farming robots. As part of the swine resistance it’s up to players to rescue their captured comrades, end the machine’s reign of terror, and shoot the crap out of everything they see. With this follow-up Cascadia Games incorporated feedback they received from 2-Bit Cowboy into the game design which resulted in a better progression of new enemies and game mechanics.


If you liked the Duke Nukem games before they went off on that new-fangled 3D tangent Ammo Pigs will be right up your alley with its no-nonsense retro shooter action. It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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