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Endless Physics Racer Super Bad Roads 2000 Roars Onto Android

Indie developer Laurent Bakowski, creator of the fan favorite Bad Roads franchise, is hard at work on the third iteration of the series but in order to tide fans over until then he’s released a quirky new spinoff called Super Bad Roads 2000 that distills the Bad Roads formula into a more refined retro experience like what you’d expect out of a fine tuned NES game without sacrificing any of its predecessors addicting game mechanics. In fact it’s even better in some respects thanks to a new enhanced physics engine that provides much more intuitive car handling and a more straightforward approach to its precarious balance based gameplay.

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Like in the previous Bad Roads games the object of Super Bad Roads 2000 is to drive a rickety old delivery truck full of cargo that hasn’t been properly secured, and will usually go flying off into the air at the slightest bump, as far as possible before losing the entire shipment in spectacular fashion. However here things take a bit of an arcade-ish turn from the other Bad Roads titles due to a tighter focus on a singular simple but highly replayable set of game mechanics that are fairly easy to get into but difficult to master. As players drive along their bumpy procedurally generated delivery route they’ll invariably lose a bit of their cargo due to all the turbulence but if they can make it to the next checkpoint before time runs out they’ll have the opportunity to catch an additional crate if they’re skilled enough which creates a constant tug-of-war between driving fast and driving carefully.


Super Bad Roads 2000 takes the Bad Roads franchise back to the past and learns a thing or two in the process. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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