Published on February 23rd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Tap Your Way To Glory In Epic New Clicker RPG Tap Heroes

The cookie clicker genre is well known and occasionally derided for its ultra simplistic tendencies but here and there intriguing new examples are starting to show that maybe this nascent game style has something special to show us after all. Case in point, indie developer VaragtP Studios fascinatingly addicting new clicker RPG Tap Heroes which offers up a bevy of gameplay tweaks to the clicker formula that deliver a much more engaging experience than the usual tap ’em up without sacrificing its carpal tunnel inducing qualities.

tapheroes2 tapheroes244

Whereas in most cookie clicker style RPGs players simply tap their hearts out on a single static image Tap Heroes introduces many familiar traditional RPG elements such as commanding multiple party members with different abilities, albeit in clicker style fashion, to give a slight sense of strategy to the proceedings. It’s also exceptionally well animated for a clicker RPG as battles take place between lively cardboard cut-out inspired sprites on a fanciful stage that changes backdrops to signify different areas.


Whether you’re into cookie clicker games or are just looking for an RPG that’s a little more engaging be sure to check out Tap Heroes. It’s available now as both an ad-supported and a paid version which goes for a dollar.

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