Published on March 4th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Defend The Universe In New Twin Stick Space Shooter Skyler

I’m a sucker for arcade style shoot ’em ups like Super Stardust and Geometry Wars, so from the moment I first laid eyes on the stylish new twin stick shooter Skyler I knew I was hooked. This gorgeous new bullet hell shoot em up follows in the footsteps of such classics by offering intense gameplay coupled with visual spectacle in order to deliver an addicting experience with a high amount of replay value. And while arcade shooters aren’t exactly a novel thing anymore what Skyler does, it does well with mesmerizing graphics and challenging game mechanics.

skyler2 skyler3

Like most twin stick shooters the goal of Skyler is to blast away at anything that moves in order to attain a high score, however this is easier said than done thanks to an array of different enemies that attack players en masse. Fortunately players can salvage the wreckage of their foes in order to unlock and enhance their ship and its weaponry which subsequently allows them to develop their own personal play style. In addition to the obligatory arcade survival mode there are also several other game types available like “Invasion”, “Time Trial”, and “Infinite” with more on the way.


Arcade shooter aficionados looking for something akin to Super Stardust on Android will definitely want to take a gander at Skyler. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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    no explanation of IAP? one of the reasons i check pocketgamer first

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