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Cultivate A Horrific Sense Of Style In New Arcade Game MonsterCut

A barbershop isn’t usually a place you’d expect to see as the setting for anything but a bad Kim Kardashian inspired knockoff game, however one quirky new haircutting based arcade mashup called MonsterCut is here to change all that by taking the stylist profession into a monstrously fun direction with a ghoulish sense of humor. In this vibrantly animated twitch arcade RPG from indie developer Nemoris Games players are put in charge of their very own wacky salon but with one important twist; The patrons of this particular establishment happen to be vicious monsters long thought lost to legend who wont hesitate to tear your face off if you don’t get their bangs just right.


In order to survive until the end of their shift as well as earn some of Dracula’s ancient gold as a tip players will need to frantically tilt their phone to reach different parts of their monster patron’s head and tap like a madman to cut whatever unholy growths happen to be protruding out of their skulls at an alarming rate. This is difficult enough when you have just one medusa or wolfman to deal with but as players progress through the campaign they’ll have to deal with entire crowds of monsters that all want their hair cut at the same time, or else. Luckily should players survive they’ll gain experience that can be used to unlock and upgrade new abilities as well as coins that can be used to acquire powerful new tools or even just deck out their barbershop with some neat swag.


Whether you’re itching to bring out your inner stylist or are just in the mood for an addicting arcade game with great visuals and a sense of humor be sure to check out MonsterCut. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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