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Physics Based Beat Em Up Troll Impact Slams Onto Android

Japanese indie developer Summertime Studio, creator of interesting off-kilter games like Legend Of The Holy Archer, is back with an intriguing new physics based arcade game that flips the whole “hero vs a bunch of monstrous orcs” stereotype on its head. In this game players take on the role of a lone troll guardian who must defend an imperiled princess that has holed up in a tower for safety from an army of enemy soldiers and war machines. However rather than run around the battlefield in rote fashion players instead will make massive leaps through the air ala The Hulk then coming crashing down on their enemies for maximum damage.

trollimpact2 trollimpact3

In order to survive each level players must smash incoming enemy units with maximum effeciency by targeting groups and making strategic use of any breaks in enemy reinforcements. What’s neat is players aren’t confined to just passively waiting for enemy units to march towards them and can actually go out and hunt down their spawning portals to close that avenue of attack. This comes with a risk however as while it can potentially turn the tide of the battle it also means leaving the princesses’ tower undefended.


If you’re into Rampage-esque arcade games you’ll definitely want to check out Troll Impact: The Lone Guardian. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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