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Rearrange Your World In New Puzzle Platformer Ego Protocol

A challenging new puzzle oriented platformer called Ego Protocol has arrived on Android and its maddeningly hypnotic hybrid of Lemmings and tile shifting puzzlers will have players simultaneously howling with frustration and unable to look away. Created by indie developer Static Dreams, Ego Protocol takes a bit more of a futuristic turn than the adorable Lemmings series as players are put in charge of a daftly stupid robot’s safety by rearranging a dangerous facility around him as he aimlessly walks about, all in real time. This is easier said than done however as the mechanical maze Ego Protocol’s robotic protagonist finds himself trapped in is fraught with endless chasms, acid spewing pipes, and killer security droids.

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In order to guide their robot pal to the exit players will need to shift around each level’s individual pieces so that he avoids any on the job accidents and picks up bonuses like a plasma gun along the way. The key to survival here is to form the right pathway out of all the shifting pieces which often depends on players making quick decisions on the fly. Refreshingly, Ego Protocol doesn’t hold back on the difficulty and will present a real challenge even to veteran puzzle gamers thanks to a constantly shifting set of rules that vary from level to level such as restricting which way tiles can be moved.


Puzzler aficionados and those looking for a platformer with a little more thought involved will have a blast with Ego Protocol. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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