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Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn Gets A Huge Multiplayer Update

The fan favorite undead horde shooter Zombie Kill Of The Week sure has come along quite a ways since its initial debut, disappearance, and resurrection in the hit new Reborn edition. From a simple concept that aimed to mimic games like Left 4 Dead with an oldschool sidescrolling flair Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn has grown into a fully fledged shambler killing dynamo in its own right and continues to expand its content alongside its player base at a very healthy pace. This has led to developments such as its brand new release on PCs via Steam and a real time online multiplayer mode, both of which have finally collided in a big way to take Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn to a whole new level of awesome.

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The recently added multiplayer mode brings Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn that much more in line with its big budget contemporaries as players are now able to take on the undead hordes with up to three friends just like in Call Of Duty Zombies but with a decidedly retro SNES style twist. And while ZKW Reborn’s online mode has already garnered a respectable audience on Android it is surely set to explode in numbers now that indie developer Still Running has just implemented what is perhaps ZKW Reborn’s most epic update yet: cross platform multiplayer. This important new feature gives Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn a unique edge over other zombie slaying games as players can now team up with each other anywhere anytime regardless of their platform and still share the same experience.


Zombie Kill Of The Week has always been a great game but with its new cross platform multiplayer component it’s taken things to a whole new level. Check it out if you’re into zombie shooters or are just looking for an over the top action game with a ton of replayability.

Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn on Steam

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