Published on June 2nd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Metal Gear Tribute VR Sneaking Mission 2 Infiltrates Android

If you’ve been gaming on Android for a while you’ve probably heard of Metal Gear: Outer Heaven, a fan produced tribute game to the Metal Gear Solid series that was ultimately pulled due to objections from Konami. This resulted in the indie developer behind the game, David Amado Fernandez, going on to create his own successful tactical espionage IP called Hundred Fires that follows a similar beat but uses a more realistic setting for most of its story. After two main entries in the Hundred Fires series and a VR Missions spinoff, David Amado Fernandez is back with the unassumingly titled VR Sneaking Mission 2 which represents a major step forward for the indie franchise in nearly every way. Both the graphics and gameplay have received major overhauls and now much more closely resemble their Metal Gear Solid roots than they have in the past, likely due to the developer having more time to devote to the game itself without the usual epic story requirements found in main games in the series. So if you’re frustrated with the lack of Metal Gear on Android Hundred Fires’ VR Sneaking Mission 2 is a good way to get your tactical espionage action fix on the go.



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