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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #73

Welcome to the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform!

Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new platformer, an action packed shooter, or even just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday evening will be declared our indie game of the week and will be featured on our front page!


antiPattern from Crimson Rad

Part shooter, part puzzler, indie developer Crimson Rad’s interesting new hybrid color matching game antiPattern incorporates shoot ’em up sensibilities into a Tetris-like format to create gameplay that is both fast paced and stimulating. Also those aren’t just multicolored blocks but in fact fearsome alien invaders(from outer space!!!!!!) bent on destroying the universe. But, you know, no pressure or anything.



A Slime Story from Fixed Diced Games

Ah, the typical RPG slime enemy, a simple creature for simple heroes. Usually these gelatinous cretins would be relegated to sword fodder in your average role playing game, but indie developer Fixed Diced Games’ hilariously endearing mobile battler A Slime Story is not such a game. Instead players will follow a courageous slime on his quest for survival after being disowned by his fellow slimes for not picking a color scheme to indicate his monster type. Harsh.



Bleat! from Shear Games

In indie developer Shear Games’ charming new action puzzler Bleat! players take on the role of a sheepherding dog as they attempt to solve all manner of baaaaaa-fling conundrums based around the sheep’s natural propensity to run like crazy at the first sign of trouble which helps to give Bleat! a decidedly novel feel.

bleat bleat3


Blood Collector from Cistern Cats

If the Lemmings games had a mustache twirling evil twin it would be Blood Collector, the gory new puzzle platformer from independent studio Cistern Cats about guiding zombies to a giant meat grinder throughout a series of increasingly more complex levels. While people like to complain about zombies being overused in games nowadays, with Blood Collector the undead ironically make a perfect fit.

bloodcollector bloodcollector2


Blowy Fish from One Man Band Games

An interesting new physics platformer has arrived on Android called Blowy Fish that puts a unique spin on Desert Golf style gameplay by infusing it with more traditional platforming elements. Created by indie developer One Man Band Games, Blowy Fish is the tale of one fish’s eternal struggle to survive the rigors of the sea as told through both a well crafted level based mode and the obligatory “impossible” endless mode. If you can’t get enough of physics based platforming Blowy Fish will be right up your alley. For more on Blowy Fish check out our recent hands-on video here.

blowyfish23 blowyfish


Color Catch from Nickervision Studios

Indie developer Nickervision Studios has made a name for itself by making simple but infinitely replayable minigames that still manage to offer an appreciable degree of nuance, a tradition that continues with its latest release Color Catch. Once again the idea is fairly straightforward but the gameplay can be very intense as players must catch multicolored dots by rotating a multifaceted color wheel.

color catch color catch2


Disco Pet Revolution from Impressflow

Tired of rhythm games that don’t feel quite right on mobile? Ever wish your copy of DDR was super kawaii? Well congratulations, your prayers have been answered as indie developer Impressflow has released their crazy cute dancing game Disco Pet Revolution so you can finally get your groove on. With its own custom soundtrack, engaging gameplay, and adorable visuals Disco Pet Revolution isn’t your average rhythm game.

discopet discopet2


Eye Planet from Mowy Entertainment

For all the shoot ’em ups that Android has it’s still oddly lacking in the bizarre Parodius style department, something independent studio Mowy Entertainment must have been aiming to fix with the release of their trippy hand drawn shooter Eye Planet which features an army of giant anthropomorphic eyeballs that look like they jumped straight out of a comic book from the 50’s.

eyeplanet eyeplanet2


Exoplanets: The Rebellion from Tidal Wave Arts

Indie developer Tidal Wave Arts describes Exoplanets: The Rebellion as their love letter to classic shooters, and it shows. This addicting bullet hell shoot em up offers a challenging arcade experience with projectiles numbering in the hundreds like in such genre greats as Ikaruga.

exoplanets exoplanets2


Fire Flying from Devm Games

A unique new arcade physics game with just a hint of real time strategy thrown in, indie developer Devm Games’ gorgeous firefighting sim Fire Flying makes putting out forest fires fun. In this 3D arcade game players must put out a series of ever more complex forest fires by commanding a squadron of water shooting planes to stop the fire before it spreads any worse than it has which leads to some dynamic gameplay when the fire gets out of control.

fire flying fire flying2


Get A Grip from Close Quarter Games

Although it could technically be described as a runner of sorts, indie developer Close Quarter Games’ quirky new endless arcade game Get A Grip is unlike most anything you’ve seen before. Here players must climb a tree as fast as possible by swiping up on both sides of the screen in order to help their character escape an oncoming forest fire, but the coordination needed to make it happen and all the wacky hazards standing in the way means its going to be quite a challenge.



Godspeed Commander from Nah-Meen Studios

The puzzle battle genre got a shot in the arm recently with the release of indie developer Nah-Meen Studios’ Godspeed Commander. This multiplayer heavy puzzler allows players to customize their ships weapons and crew in order to adopt their own unique strategy when engaging in ship-to-ship puzzle combat.



Landit from BitNine Studio

Lunar Lander type games aren’t exactly that uncommon, so if you’re going to make that kind of game you’d better make sure it does something different. Fortunately one addicting new physics sidescroller called Landit from indie developer BitNine Studio has taken this credo to heart and delivered a highly stylized platformer that keeps the basic premise of landing a spacecraft on an alien planet but ups the ante with more varied gameplay, plenty of challenge, and a sense of humor.



Looking For Laika from Moanbej

An aesthetically soothing new inertia based platformer about a lonely astronaut searching for his lost friend, Looking For Laika is a perfect game for those that would like a more relaxing atmosphere than the manic chaos exhuded by most mobile platforming games. In order to progress through each stage players must master using the momentum of planets they latch onto so as to launch themselves towards the goal.

lokkinglaika lokkinglaika3


Nova Maze [Free Edition] from PrismaCode

Originally released way back in 2013 as one of that years most imaginative games, indie developer PrismaCode’s touch based puzzler Nova Maze was sadly hardly played by anyone due to it being a paid game rather than free to play. Thankfully the developer has wisely decided to resurrect this forgotten gem as a reasonably reworked free edition so now everyone can experience Nova Maze for gratis.

Here’s what we said about Nova Maze in our original 2013 review:

“The brainchild of independent development studio Prisma Code, Nova Maze is a hodgepodge of the action, arcade, and puzzle genres that utilizes the touchscreen environment to its benefit rather than detriment. Players are tasked with drawing their finger in a line from one end of each level to the other, a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanic that is continuously reinvented over the course of Nova Maze‘s seventy level campaign. Without lifting their finger off the screen or crashing into a wall, players must literally draw their way through topsy-turvy stages filled with shifting platforms, deadly laser grids, and brain twisting logic puzzles. This uniquely implemented design choice makes Nova Maze the most creative action puzzler in recent memory.”

novemaze novemaze2


Patient Zero: Day One from UV Games

Zombies are everywhere you look in games nowadays but so few actually take the time to explore things from the undead point of view, instead relegating them to mere cannon fodder. Thankfully one new game called Patient Zero: Day One is helping to change all that as here players take on the role of a freshly turned zombie and proud harbinger of the apocalypse as it begins its ravenous hunt for the gobs of brains it needs to survive. At first there is plenty of people for players to munch on as they run around town but as they begin to infect more and more bodies finding food starts to become a competition which means players will in turn need to start mutating in order to gain a ghoulish array of hilariously gory abilities.

patientzero patientzero2


Project Oswald from House Fire Studios

An addicting new retro inspired shoot ’em up by the name of Project Oswald has arrived on Android that melds campy pseudo-3D visuals and endless runner mechanics together to give it a uniquely tacky but charming feel. Created by indie developer House Fire Studios, Project Oswald casts players as the last surviving member of the human race as they battle against a horde of evil alien robots across a variety of war torn planets. Like all good shoot ’em ups Project Oswald challenges players with intricate patterns of enemys zig-zaging about the screen in unison and has plenty of neat power ups available in order to toast your foes with, but it also has a good bit of replay value as well thanks to its RPG-like progression system and extensive set of different modes available.

projectoswald23 projectoswald2354


Orbitarium from Naked Quasar

A gorgeous interstellar themed arcade game about the physics of the universe, Orbitarium provides enormous amounts of fun thanks to its solar system inspired gameplay. As players zoom around each star cluster they’ll need to pick up errant minerals in order to power their ship but that’s easier said than done thanks to natural obstacles like asteroid fields and even gigantic unstable suns. In order to get from point A to point B players have to take care to make plenty of orbits around planets whenever they can since it allows them to recharge their ships reactors.

orbitaturim orbitaturim2


Outside World from Little Thingie

Borrowing visual cues from games like Monument Valley and Twinsen’s Odyssey, indie developer Little Thingie’s dreamlike logic puzzler Outside World is a headscratching puzzler that forces players to look at things from a different perspective if they want to progress. That’s because in order to solve each puzzle players must enlist the help of their ghost pal and her unique abilities.



Save The Robots from Jumptoplay

A wildly entertaining physics based arcade game that feels like a outer spaced reimagining of Choplifter, indie developer Jumptoplay’s twitch tapper Save The Robots takes the concept of a rescue game into interesting new territory. As players attempt to rescue their robot friends from dastardly aliens and their traps they’ll need to tap their way about the screen in order to use their jetpack in short but decisive bursts.

savetherobots savetherobots2


Tactygon from Tactygon APS

Most real time strategy games on Android tend to either be Clash Of Clans clones or so derivative of Command & Conquer as to be practically worthless, so it’s nice to see something different for a change with the addicting new minimalistic RTS Tactygon now on the scene. Unlike alot of mobile RTSs that tend to butcher the renowned genre’s most defining features this new polygonal strategy game keeps everything that’s great about it intact while stripping away things like meticulous base micro-management in favor of a much more intuitive zone capture system similar to the classic “Z” games but with a great deal more nuance. This is so that players can focus on Tactygon’s almost overwhelming amount of battlefield tactics available as the AI opponents in this strategy epic make full use of every one of the games multitude of unit types.

tactygoncover tactygon2


Tales Of The Dark Lands from Solid Games

When it comes to retro style shoot ’em ups they aren’t usually known for their stories, however one fascinating new Megaman-esque metroidvania called Tales Of The Dark Lands is bucking that trend by basing itself off of a popular Chilean graphic novel of the same name that explores heady themes of post-apocalyptic quests and duels with impossibly large creatures. Tales Of The Dark Lands, or RTO(which stands for Relatos de las Tierras Oscuras), is an old school style action platformer from Chilean indie developer Solid Games with gameplay reminiscent of classics like Contra or Megaman X with an emphasis on exploration and branching paths. It’s a pretty neat title with some cool looking bosses, only catch is you’ll need to know Spanish to understand the cutscenes but Tales Of The Dark Lands is still an enjoyable romp regardless.

rtocover rtocover2


The Last Warlock from Sonic Sloth

After launching to critical acclaim on iOS indie developer Sonic Sloth’s voxel based strategy RPG The Last Warlock has arrived on Android with all its glorious pixelated battle tactics in tow. As a fearsome digital warlock players can duke it out with a menagerie of mythical creatures across both single player and multiplayer battlefields.

lastwarlock lastwarlock2


Thief Hunter from Jordi Cano

Ever wonder what it was that kept Ducktales’ Uncle Scrooge’s ridiculously huge money vault safe? No it wasn’t the concrete door that would give even Superman a hard time, he was actually lying in wait with bear traps for anyone brave enough to enter his vault. Because hey, what else is a rich duck supposed to do? That scenario feels like what’s going on in indie developer Jordi Cano’s simple but great oldschool style arcade game Thief Hunter as players are also setting traps for would be treasure snatchers. Instead of simply tapping on them like any pedestrian however players must instead set perfectly timed bear traps in order to rack up their multiplier and score mega points.



VR Sneaking Mission 2 from David Amado Fernandez

If you’ve been gaming on Android for a while you’ve probably heard of Metal Gear: Outer Heaven, a fan produced tribute game to the Metal Gear Solid series that was ultimately pulled due to objections from Konami. This resulted in the indie developer behind the game, David Amado Fernandez, going on to create his own successful tactical espionage IP called Hundred Fires that follows a similar beat but uses a more realistic setting for most of its story. After two main entries in the Hundred Fires series and a VR Missions spinoff, David Amado Fernandez is back with the unassumingly titled VR Sneaking Mission 2 which represents a major step forward for the indie franchise in nearly every way. Both the graphics and gameplay have received major overhauls and now much more closely resemble their Metal Gear Solid roots than they have in the past, likely due to the developer having more time to devote to the game itself without the usual epic story requirements found in main games in the series. So if you’re frustrated with the lack of Metal Gear on Android Hundred Fires’ VR Sneaking Mission 2 is a good way to get your tactical espionage action fix on the go.

hundrefies213 hundrefies213321



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