Published on June 11th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Fluid New Aqua Puzzler Blowfish Rescue Blasts Onto Android

Tired of physics puzzlers that feel too rigid? Then you’ll probably want to check out indie developer Noctua Software’s procedurally generated liquid puzzler Blowfish Rescue, a visually appealing new puzzle romp about realistically simulated water physics and not so realistic cartoon squid protagonists. It seems the ocean’s blowfish have gotten themselves in a bit of a jam by huffing on a stray tank of helium and it’s up to the ever watchful squid population to set things right by blasting the blowfish back home using their beautifully rendered ink jets. With its clever level design that requires both analytical thinking and good reflexes to prevail, Blowfish Rescue is sure to appeal to all the puzzle lovers out there.

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