Published on June 25th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Save The Universe With Baseball In Trippy Arcade Sim Starlot Derby

While sports games aren’t exactly Android’s strong suit you can still find a few Baseball themed games here and there, but there is nothing that even comes close to delivering the sheer zaniness of indie developer Maximum Crash’s psychedelic new arcade batting game Starlot Derby. As opposed to merely winning the game as in most Baseball titles, Starlot Derby tasks players with stopping an intergalactic war by scoring home runs across the universe despite the alien pitchers using all sorts of irregular physics to cheat their way to galactic domination. Filling up a power meter will unleash random arcade minigames like Breakout that can earn players massive points but are also designed to throw them off their game. These minigames can be disabled by playing a more real life inspired mode that focuses strictly on the batting side of things for the purists out there. Throw in a bunch of unlockables alongside crazy visuals and Starlot Derby is one heck of an unusual Baseball game.


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