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2Edgy4Apple Defense Runner Bits And Bites Stampedes On Android

It came as a shock to indie developer Wildebits. After over a year and a half of back breaking development and sacrifices, Apple had rejected their silly pixel runner Bits And Bites: Wild Dash from being distributed on iOS on the grounds of offensiveness. Surely it must be an oversight they mused, since Bits And Bites might contain some mild toilet humor level gags but nothing rising to the level of what’d you’d find in your average GTA game, and proceeded to appeal their decision citing instances of far more questionable material already available on iTunes. Sadly, Apple stood firm in its boneheaded decision and denied the appeal saying that the sight of a pixelated Buffalo pooping was a bridge too far on a platform that already hosts such gems as “Don’t Let The Poop Through!” and “Poo Happens”.

As is so often the case in these situations the developer behind Bits And Bites: Wild Dash has brought their charmingly weird creation to Android where it can roam free and be its eccentric self, which happens to be a crass yet endearing old school mashup of runner and shooter where players defend a herd of stampeding buffalo while taking care not to get eaten by coyotes or bizarre alien plant creatures in the process. In order to keep up with the herd players will have to dodge a variety of deadly obstacles which can be tricky when balanced with the need to stop predators in their tracks with the buffalo’s most powerful weapon: poo. Along the way they can pick up coins to unlock crazy new kinds of buffaloes that each have their own style, power ups, and *ammo*.

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