Published on July 3rd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Campy Comedy Shooter Robot Rundown Zooms Onto Android

Watch out Kung Fury, there’s a new contender for best Android game based on a web comedy on the block called Robot Rundown and it’s looking to deliver a pixelated KO with its extensive production quality and arcade style shoot ’em up mayhem. Filled with a blend of both in-game cutscenes and live action skits, Robot Rundown is a sidescrolling shooter inspired by the Transolar Galactica sci-fi satire series on YouTube that puts players in the shoes of a hapless medical bot struggling for survival against a wacky cadre of eccentric enemy characters and outrageous situations using nothing but their wits and a really big laser. While at it’s core Robot Rundown is essentially a straightforward yet intense 2D shooter its weird setpiece levels and over 30 minutes of genuinely hilarious cutscenes help to give it a special feel all its own that makes this quirky comedy of cosmic errors well worth scoping out.

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