Published on July 6th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Award Winning Gesture Fighter Darklings Slides Onto Android

After lighting up the lives of iOS gamers indie developer MildMania’s gloomy gesture based endless fighter Darklings has arrived on Android with brooding aplomb to illuminate its unique approach to combat. This artistically impressive new endless action sidescroller casts players as the lone defender of light against a horde of shadowy beings attempting to steal the stars and therefore every source of light in the universe. Like an intriguing gesture based spin on the One Finger Death Punch formula players must defend themselves as enemies attack from all sides by drawing special shapes onto the screen in order to possess and explode them from the inside out in a shiny display of power. Unlike some gesture based games that simply require players do a set sequence of gestures here players can strategically choose which enemy to attack by performing their corresponding gesture which helps to give Darklings a much more fluid feel. Successfully taking down bosses and their minions allows players to collect stars which can be used to upgrade their fighter with better stats, new skills, and even helpful shadow killing companions. If you’re into fighting games that incorporate the touch screen rather than fight against it, be sure to give Darklings a go.

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