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Space-Sim Cosmonautica Warps Its Way Onto Android Early Access

A highly polished space simulation from indie developer Chasing Carrots by the name of Cosmonautica has been released onto the Google Play Store, with the caveat of Early Access. It costs $6.79 and currently has zero in app purchases. Cosmonautica boasts of a humorous adventure in outer space where an aspiring captain works his way through the galaxy searching for fame and fortune. The player controls a ship and it’s crew where mainly the games core mechanic is built around trading simulation with combat and resource management also taking a focus. The graphics look extremely polished, especially for a first effort on the platform. There is mention of cross platform game saves between PC and Android, which is nice for those that will own the game on both platforms. Currently there are reports of bugs, but that should be expected due to the early access moniker. The lack of in-app purchases, the wonderful art design and the trading simulator gameplay sounds like a very promising game for those disposed to the genre, definitely worth a look for those wanting to spend $6.79 to get in early and see what it’s all about.

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