Published on July 23rd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Survive Circular Combat In New Anti-Shooter Cyclos: Revolution

A trippy new arcade survival game by the name of Cyclos: Revolution has arrived that marries together intense Geometry Wars esque action with simple one touch controls and a dash of physics. This intriguing anti-shooter from indie developer Psyflex Interactions puts a unique twist on twin stick shoot em ups by ditching bullet hell gunplay in favor of phasing opponents out of existence by literally running circles around them which is easier said than done due to the levels of visual madness Cyclos: Revolution can hit at times. Rather than fiddle with a virtual joystick players instead control their ship by tapping anywhere on the screen to change directions and must master the art of spontaneous orbiting in order to survive. With its bounty of game modes and addicting touch friendly action Cyclos: Revolution is definitely no square.

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