Published on August 4th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Episodic RPG Series Tales Of Illyria Returns With Third Chapter

Veteran indie game studio Little Killerz is back in action with a brand new third chapter in its episodic strategy RPG Tales Of Illyria titled Destinies that further expands upon and refines the intriguing ‘Oregon Trail’ esque journeyman mechanics established by its predecessors. Much like its forebears Destinies tasks players with leading their own personal army on an epic journey that will force them to do battle with all manner of nefarious foes and even against the very elements themselves, however there are also interesting new ideas at play that help to set it apart. The most noticeable departure is a more open world approach to exploration where players are largely left to their own devices regarding what avenues of adventure they wish to explore, traveling the land forging their own allies rather than having the narrative take the lead for them. Whether you’ve already mastered the first two episodes and are hungry for more or are just in the mood for an engrossing new strategy RPG be sure to check out Tales Of Illyria: Destinies.

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