Published on October 7th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Pork Powered Twin Stick Shooter Cave Blast Slams Onto Android

The indie developer behind such hits as Bunny Goes Boom and Iron Snout is back with an adrenaline pumping new twinstick survival shooter called Cave Blast that plays like the illegitimate offspring of Geometry Wars and Super Crate Box. This porcine powerhouse from independent studio SnoutUP Games is still a work-in-progress but already shows great promise based just off its single survival mode that has players fighting against hordes of creatively designed enemies as they jetpack about jockeying for powerups and a better vantage point. Multiple weapon types and wacky power ups help keep things interesting as players attempt to destroy the varied enemy types that each follow their own attack patterns rather than just blindly charging forth. Twinstick shooter aficionados will definitely want to keep their eyes on Cave Blast as it is already shaping up to be something great.

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