Published on December 5th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


LCD Inspired Arcade Game Space Transfer Bounces Onto Android

Indie developer Pixel Pepper is back with a spiritual successor to their hyperactive Game & Watch inspired hit Sheep Frenzy! that adds in a whole new dimension to the gameplay while keeping the addicting arcadey premise. Dubbed Space Transfer, this humorous intergalactic minigame on steroids challenges players with safely guiding a cavalcade of bizarre characters across the empty space between two airlocks using only a pair of space paddles which can be a bit of a challenge especially when errant astronauts start filling up the screen. Nabbing high scores allows players to unlock one of the 17 kooky special characters which each come with their own unique moves to add further variety to the mix. Players can designate one of these characters as a “VIP” which means they’ll earn more points when rescued which in turn allows for more special characters to be unlocked. Fans of Game & Watch style affairs or those looking for a hyperactive but straightforward arcade game will have a blast with Space Transfer.

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