Published on December 27th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Bizarre Playstation Mobile God Game Forevolution Hits Android

Quite some time has passed since Japanese developer Pygmy Studio first launched its quirky hybrid Playstation Mobile strategy game Forevolution, which went on to achieve a reputation for being one of the best downloadable titles on the digital storefront. With the unfortunate shuttering of Playstation Mobile however Forevolution’s future on Android seemed to be in doubt, until recently that is as Pygmy Studio has just relaunched the eccentric god game on Google Play so now anyone can cull their favorite fever dream inspired creatures at their leisure without needing a PSM certified device or Playstation Vita.

Forevolution is a god game with a very different tack where players are put in charge of growing a fragile alien ecosystem by carefully pruning the plants and animals so that surrounding creatures are nourished by the remains of their deceased peers. Carefully deciding where biomass should go is key to expanding your animal kingdom so players must ensure the food chain is followed before smashing any unsuspecting fauna with a godly finger tap. If you never had a chance to experience it when it originally launched now is your chance to play this strangely intriguing god game. Also new from Pygmy Studio are the previous Playstation Mobile titles Bento Fujiyama Tamagoyaki and equally bizarre stray dog simulator Rodem The Wild.

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