Published on December 29th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Strategy-Puzzler Hybrid Puzzle Siege Charges Onto Android

A clever new puzzler has arrived that mashes strategy and puzzle fighter mechanics together into one cohesive experience that does more than just provide window dressing for its matching shenanigans. Created by indie developer Moonshine Games, Puzzle Siege has players leading a merry band of assorted warriors against waves of cartoonish baddies but instead of taking the traditional RPG or RTS route this addicting puzzler adopts a hybrid of the two where individual commands are replaced with indirect means of intervention. As the player’s hero and units move across the top of the screen and engage enemies players must strategically match together blocks to summon more units and strengthen their army with both placement and timing being critical factors to success. Puzzler fans looking for something atypical of the usual fare will want to check out Puzzle Siege.

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