Published on December 30th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Acclaimed Runner WonderCat Adventures Gets Free Mini Version

The hit platform-runner WonderCat Adventures is back with indie developer MKDC Tech taking a page out of gaming’s 90’s playbook and releasing a completely free adless shareware-esque edition that lets players experience its entire first chapter for gratis. Labeled WonderCat In Old Crystal Mines, this bite sized version of the excellently animated sidescroller takes players through 11 of the full game’s 55 stages as they help their feline avatar pilot his advanced robot pod back to civilization after crashing his spaceship into an exotic but dangerous unknown mine filled with not-so-friendly local creatures and a good bit of peril. While many developers release free versions of their games these are usually ad-supported or severely limited in some way so it’s nice to see such an oldschool approach being taken with WonderCat Adventures’ promotion. WonderCat In Old Crystal Mines is available now for free with no ads or iap’s in sight, while the full version of WonderCat Adventures clocks in at just under 2 bucks.

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