Published on January 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Gorgeous New Bullet Hell Puzzler Corerona Is Also Completely Free

A mesmerizing new arcade puzzler called Corerona has hit the scene from indie developer Booxware that meshes together intricate bullet hell gameplay with dazzling technicolor graphics for %100 free. Without an ad or iap in sight this challenging new clash of puzzler and dodge em up gives players the relatively straightforward task of defending a power core from attack through strategic shield movement but pumps the level of complexity up to at-times insane degrees. As shield pieces fall players must rotate their core with strategic precision so they will have given themselves enough room to defend against an onslaught of dazzling gunfire. Whether you’re into puzzlers or bullet hell shoot ’em ups Corerona has something for everyone and won’t cost you a dime or your time.

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