Published on January 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Super Meat Boy Style Puzzle Platformer Lunchbox Hits Android

A charming new Super Meat Boy inspired puzzle platformer called Lunchbox has arrived that puts a brain bending spin on the cult classic where instead of directly controlling their character’s movements players must instead manipulate the environment in order to get the title character to the level exit. Created by indie developer Burger Toast, Lunchbox is a well polished ode to Super Meat Boy with a similar style and graphical polish that mimics his adventures but in its own maddeningly puzzling way. As Lunchbox auto runs towards things like buzzsaws, walls, and giant fans players must use a limited supply of tools in order to steer him around danger and to his goal. Aside from well designed puzzles there are also some slight action oriented elements as well such as needing to actively move platforms for Lunchbox in a reverse of how a platforming character would normally approach a moving platform. If you’re a fan of puzzle platformers you can pick Lunchbox up on Google Play for just over a buck just be aware that there is currently no music so feel free to put on your own tunes while testing wits with this puzzler.

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