Published on January 8th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Swipe To Survive In Groovy New Shifting Runner Surfingers

The devs behind the cult hit Timberman are back at it again with a terrific new swipe based runner called Surfingers that’s all about catching waves using rapid fire pseudo-puzzle game mechanics. Released by Digital Melody, Surfingers is a charming hybrid of runner and puzzler-esque arcade romp where players try to surf for as long as possible without falling off their board or slamming into one of the many hazards that stand in their way. Rather than simply tap a button like many runners however here players instead must rearrange the level layout on the fly so that their surfer has a straight path forward by swiping up and down on the waves when needed. This gives Surfingers a unique approach that is sure to make it another hit for Digital Melody. You can pick Surfingers up for free on Google Play.

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