Published on January 24th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Call Of Snake Sequel Call Of Commander Lands On Android

While Android gamers never got the genre defining hit Call Of Snake back when it first made waves on iOS it would appear that the second time’s the charm as its sequel/spinoff Call Of Commander has arrived on Google Play for us Android users to enjoy. Released by Magic Cube, the same developer behind Barcode Knight and God Strike 2, Call Of Commander takes the classic conga-line combat of its predecessor into a more strategic direction as units no longer march together like a snake but must still be commanded simultaneously which ups the challenge level significantly.

Like in Call Of Snake and many of its peers the object of Call Of Commander is to survive as long as possible by marching around a battlefield shooting bad guys and rescuing soldiers that can then be added to your personal army. Rather than directly control where their units are shooting players instead must swipe to change the direction they’re facing in order to bring enemy infantry into the line of fire. Call Of Commander differentiates itself from its predecessor by having units march in relative positions to the player’s commander unit and by having better defined line-of-fire arcs which makes for much more strategic combat than in Call Of Snake. Fans of games like Call Of Snake and Nimble Quest will definitely want to check out Call Of Commander, it’s available now for about a dollar on Google Play.

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