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The Moon Awaits Review

The Moon Awaits is a fun little platformer from Dynamic Zero.

You play a quirky astronaut with a robot drone for a sidekick. Your mission: fly around the solar system in search of gold and riches! Unfortunately you’re not a very good pilot and landing your ship never goes smoothly.

Not only is your job to look for treasure, but now you need to find fuel and spare parts to repair your ship. You’ll also be fighting the native inhabitants as you explore. The game starts with an interactive map of the solar system. The tutorial is the Sun and you go to other planets from there. Your robot drone walks you through the basics, but I kept falling or moving past the current objective and my little robot buddy couldn’t keep up. A few times I was left scratching my head as what to do next.


Each planet’s surface is a floating, multi-tiered platform. The worlds are randomly generated making for a unique playthrough each time. In most cases the levels depict what you would expect; lots of fire on Mercury, a frozen Neptune, etc. The controls could be better. I feel the game would benefit more from separate left and right arrows rather than a virtual joystick. I fell off the “surface” plenty of times due to the touchiness of the controls or not knowing what was down below. A mini radar would help greatly!

When it comes to manipulating your environment, The Moon Awaits is reminiscent of Terraria. You’ll need to dig/move blocks to get to lower levels and mine fuel. Once you’ve gathered supplies it’s time to repair your ship, blast off and try and make it to the moon.


After lift-off you’ll need to pilot your vessel towards the moon while avoiding enemy craft. Your ship has some extra firepower in the form of a cannon to assist with this. Here’s another instance where I always felt like I was fighting the controls to get my ship to turn.

Once you’ve successfully made it to the moon your mission is over and the level ends. You receive a star rating similar to many other achievement based games, although I’m not sure what constitutes each star. I’ve only managed to get one star on the tutorial.

You can use any loot found to upgrade your health, armor, gear and weapons; making the outer planets easier. There doesn’t appear to be anything stopping you from jumping right to Neptune from the start of the game.

I love the retro-pixel graphics and the soundtrack fits the environment. There are no ads or IAPs to be found.

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The Moon Awaits Review Joe Stofko


Summary: The Moon Awaits isn’t perfect, but for the price of a cup of coffee you can spend a few hours fumbling around abstract-pixelated worlds, blasting aliens and launching your ship into the cosmos.



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