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Beat Hazard Ultra Review

Google Play has a ton of music games. Several of those are half baked Audiosurf and Guitar Hero clones but among them lies a PC port from the twin stick genre, Beat Hazard Ultra.

Beat Hazard Ultra is quite a unique game mainly because it starts with a seizure warning. At a glance of its screenshots epileptics would turn their heads and never look back. This is mainly because of the vivid color scheme of bright flashing colors that this title bathes in from head to toe. The positive consequence of such an intense color scheme is how fabulous the game looks. From the moment you use ‘pick a track’ from the in-game music section or from your own phone’s playlist you are welcomed into a space adorned with bright flashes of light based upon your music beats to the dazzling sparkles of blasts that spread all across the screen as you shoot massive amounts of bullets from your cockpit into the huge fleets of spaceships aiming towards you. The game features quite a variety of enemy spaceships ranging from small humble ones to huge serpent shaped ones with thick armor that surround you and try to shoot you with hundreds of missiles.


You may call this game a cross between a twin stick shooter like Geometry Wars and a hardcore shmup which may still seem uninteresting for someone who has played a lot of both of them but one mustn’t forget that this is a rhythm based game and it makes use of the concept to its fullest potential where your experience lies in the music you choose as the nature of the track dictates how fast paced or slow the game will be. Slow tracks still are very enjoyable and result in calm and peaceful experiences while intense and heavy tracks result in fast and chaotic ones and that is where this game truly shines. Playing on the highest difficultly with such a track makes for an extremely fun and unique rollercoaster ride and may result in one of the finest experiences one could have on their Android.


Beat Hazard Ultra is a paid game which comes along with an inbuilt visualizer. A demo version and the visualizer are also separately available for free. Tweaking the controls is highly recommended as the default control scheme for the game isn’t quite ideal but everything about it is fully customisable through the options menu.

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Beat Hazard Ultra Review Arcane


Summary: Beat Hazard Ultra is one of the PC ports that has transitioned beautifully and stands out to be one of the best 'Rhythm' based games for android.



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