Published on February 2nd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Psychedelic Shoot Em Up Hectic Space 2 Blasts Onto Android

An awesome new bullet hell style arcade shooter called Hectic Space 2 has arrived on Android with mind melting pixel visuals and entertainingly difficult gunplay in tow. Crawling out of the mind of indie developer James Swiney, Hectic Space 2 is a sequel to the cult 2014 hit Hectic Space and intense retro themed shoot em up that at times feels akin to what would happen if a Space Invaders cartridge had been dropped in copious amounts of LSD. Players will pilot a lone fighter craft against hordes of neon enemy fighters that usually resemble old school pixel graphics but occasionally morph into crazy bosses like a giant skull that spews lasers from its eyes and a giant shapeshifting pistol.

The bullet hell gameplay in Hectic Space 2 is definitely geared towards more seasoned veterans of the genre but it’s not so over the top as to be unfair. As players get progressively further into Hectic Space 2’s randomly generated stages they’ll be able to unlock powerful new weapons and ship upgrades that change the tide of battle and aid players in finding what more absurdities Hectic Space 2 holds. If you’re up for a great bullet hell shooter with a high degree of both challenge and style, take a look at Hectic Space 2. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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