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Neon Hack Review

In the mood for something different?…

Tired of slinging birds at pigs or playing the obligatory “Number One/Highest Rated/Best RPG” in the Play Store?… how about a relaxing puzzle game!?

I found such a game in the form of Neon Hack from Epic Pixel. The game follows a similar style to Flow Free, wherein you drag your finger around a grid in a certain pattern to complete the level. This is where the similarities end. Neon Hack is cast in the style of your phone’s lock screen; your goal is to match the pattern at the top of the screen. In an interesting twist you’ll be required to overlap the dots you’ve already lit up, which will cause the dot to change color. The level layouts vary from standard 3×4 to abstract and wicked.


The learning curve is gradual, although I did get stuck on a few early levels. (Probably just my brain) The game goes from soothing and relaxing with it’s gorgeous rounded-neon-curves to “AARRGGGHH … I can’t figure this out!” … and then back to “Ah, got it!.. that was easy!” This is the formula that keeps you coming back for more! Normally I’m not a fan of puzzle games, but Neon Hack finds a sweet spot between mundane and needing an Einstein-esque mentality to enjoy.

There are some ad banners at the bottom of the screen (they stay out of your way) and a pop-up ad every 30 or so levels. You can remove these via IAP for $0.99. There’s also additional level packs available as a separate purchase.

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Neon Hack Review Joe Stofko


Summary: If you like puzzle games Neon Hack is good at what it does! Easy to pick up, simple concept, elegant use of neon colors along with some tough puzzles keep you engaged.



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