Published on February 6th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


New Arcade Turret Fighter Stahp Dat Ritual Is Completely Free

Being a pizza delivery guy is a tough gig, you never know when a satanic ritual to end the world is going to get in the way of collecting your tip. Such is the situation in the fascinating and absolutely free new arcade shooter Stahp Dat Ritual from RockLobsterBurrito, a collaborative effort between two maverick indie developers created over the course of two days for the 2016 Global Game Jam and given further polish for another few days. The result is a simple but surprisingly well crafted arcade style retro shooter with an interesting twist where rather than directly shooting bullets players must instead lay down death dealing magic turrets to protect themselves from the nightmarish creatures from hell that want to eat their brains.

stahpdatritual2 stahpdatritual23

In Stahp Dat Ritual players must prevent an evil cult from bringing about the apocalypse by cutting their ritual short before a pentagram shaped group of malevolent monks finish their maniacal incantations. It wont be easy however as in addition to having to adapt to the uniquely strange turret system players will also have carnivorous blob monsters and the aforementioned monks to contend with while they run about the screen laying down turrets. While one turret is your typical fire spewing elemental another is an awesome looking laser conduit that has players catching enemies in its line of sight for appropriately vicious damage. Doing all this takes energy however which is why it’s lucky players have brought copious amounts of pizza which is liberally scattered throughout the area. If you’re up for a unique arcade shooter that won’t cost you a dime or your time be sure to check out Stahp Dat Ritual.

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