Published on March 1st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


High Flying Antics Abound In Retro Platformer ZipWizard

One of the more interesting games that flew in under the radar at the tale end of last year was ZipWizard, a charming retro style action platformer that hearkens back to the MS-DOS era of sidescrollers. Created by indie developer Monster Logix, ZipWizard is a straightforward old school adventure game that challenges players with getting to the end of each level unscathed and making sure to pick up useful magic items along the way. A whole host of deadly creatures and tricky traps stand in the way of victory so with only 3 hearts to work with players will need to hone their old school platforming skills in order to succeed at bashing some sense into their digital nemesis. With its no-nonsense iap-free approach to game design where players only face ads when they die ZipWizard feels like a fair and refreshing throwback to the golden age of companies like Apogee. You can pick ZipWizard up for free on Google Play.

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