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Airport Mania 2 Review

On the Google Play store there are many PC ports which mostly go unheard of. One such port is Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips.

From the screenshots at least Airport Mania 2 looks like a family friendly game and a family game it is but don’t let that stop you from trying this gem as beyond the cartoony and cute graphics lies a remarkably fun game.

Airport Mania 2: Wild trips at its core is a management game where you have to manage your airport by clicking on each plane and giving it all the instructions needed which includes assigning its runway, docking station, and several others. This concept on paper sounds quite simplistic and mundane but one would find upon playing that this is not the case. Levels start simple with you getting introduced to the mechanics, buying the necessary upgrades, thoughtfully managing all the planes to get the most bonuses and carrying onwards, unsuspecting to the change that awaits you.


The pacing of the game is quite solid, having a perfectly steady rise in difficulty. Eventually, a point will come where you will find yourself a bit tense as your eyes will slowly start narrowing and you find yourself racing against the clock as your fingers scramble all across the screen placing planes, assigning tasks, and hopelessly trying to get the best outcome possible. This is where the game hooks you and never lets you go. After each level you will get the feeling of completing one more level. The game will have consumed you at this point and even after unlocking all the planes and getting all the trophies for your trophy room it doesn’t get repetitive or dull for a moment.


In the visual department, beyond the cartoony graphics you will find plenty of well made backgrounds for each airport you manage. The cute and funny graphics also manage to give out a relaxing vibe which is quite pleasing at times. The soundtrack is surprisingly good, filled with ambient music and sounds birds and planes.

Overall, Airport Mania 2: Wild trips is a good example of a well made premium game with cute visuals and a soothing soundtrack. The game has transitioned well onto touchscreens. Anyone wanting to prolong their experience should try out the previous title in the series.



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Airport Mania 2 Review Arcane


Summary: Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips is a remarkably well made game and is recommended to anyone even slightly interested in the genre.



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