Published on March 5th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Evade Eldritch Entities In Survival Horror Game Mr. Lovecraft

While Android is sadly largely bereft of quality horror games one new HP Lovecraft themed isometric survival adventure game called The Mysterious Disappearance Of Mr. Lovecraft, or Mr. Lovecraft for short, is hoping to buck this trend by tapping into eldritch horror and an old school voxel style graphical presentation for its strangely foreboding atmosphere. This free survival horror game from indie developer The Mysterious Machine serves as a prequel to one of its larger projects and provides a tangential introduction to the ideas this universe is founded on. In Mr. Lovecraft players take on the role of the master of horror himself as they attempt to escape a nightmarish dreamscape haunted by otherworldly shades that hound him at every turn as if the horrific tales he had concocted threatened to overthrow his very mind itself. As players wander about isometric corridors and chambers they’ll gradually unravel clues as to the strange preponderance of predicaments that have led them there but they’ll have to escape the ghastly shades hunting them before any of that can happen if they ever want to figure out what is going on. While not brimming with features Mr. Lovecraft offers a fun little free romp along the lines of Alone In The Dark that survival horror fans will want to check out.

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