Published on June 21st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


High Speed Mode 7 Racer Xenorace Pays Homage To F-Zero

Mode 7 racing fans who grew up on old school racers like F-Zero are in for a treat as a new period-authentic retro racer dubbed Xenorace has arrived with a need for faux-3D speed built around nostalgia for the SNES classic. The brainchild of indie developer Living Room Studio, Xenorace brings back the same style of reflex intensive arcade racing as players hop into one of 8 unique vehicles and compete across 14 hairpin tracks in either first or third person view. While Xenorace switches things up with its own spin on course design many of the traditional F-Zero tropes such as energy barriers, shields, and boosting still apply so those looking for a nostalgic fix will feel right at home. Two-player mode is also supported via Bluetooth for the more competitive racers out there. Xenorace is available now for $.99 on Google Play with a free ‘lite’ edition providing a sampler of the different tracks available.


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