Published on October 29th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Gorgeous Arcade Adventure Samurai Bamboo Hits Open Beta

A terrific looking arcade style action adventure game by the name of Samurai Bamboo has arrived on Android via a slick new beta that combines stylish touch screen combat with vibrant Samurai Jack esque visuals. In development from indie studio Team Güazú, Samurai Bamboo follows the endearing tale of an anthropomorphic ronin fox as he journeys throughout ninja infested lands solving problems for locals and chopping down lots of bamboo. Although it’s still in beta status you can tell a lot of love has been given to Samurai Bamboo due to its polished core design and lively theme.


This touch based action game requires players think quick and learn to react to environmental cues as stealthy enemy ninjas attempt to prevent them from completing their current objective. Getting into a comfortable rhythm of attacking and blocking is essential, although interestingly directly defeating enemies isn’t a strict requirement for players to progress. Samurai Bamboo’s intense tap based gameplay is accentuated by charming animated interludes which help to give it a real sense of personality.

Case in point: This awesome animated teaser.


Samurai Bamboo is available now on Google Play as a free beta.


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