Published on October 31st, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Wave Based Web Shooter Pest Hunter 2 Descends Onto Android

A hectic new survival shooter in the grand tradition of Space Invaders dubbed Pest Hunter 2 has arrived on Android after first debuting on web based platforms. Released by indie developer Chilican, Pest Hunter 2 is an arcade style shoot ’em up that puts players in the shoes of an exterminator having his worst day on the job ever as he deals with hordes of oversized mutant creepy crawlies that are infesting his town. He’ll need a little more than bug spray to clean things up however so players will utilize a wide range of weaponry like plasma guns and flamethrowers to stem the insect tide.


As their character dangles from the ceiling players must blast away at wave after wave of increasingly ferocious baddies with their own attack patterns like spreadfire spewing bats and killer screen hopping rats while picking up every power up they can find to even the odds. Although it is an arcade shooter there is also a progression system whereby players can upgrade their character’s stats and increase the efficacy of their guns between matches in order to extend their lifespan. Those exterminators that are able to last long enough will unlock 2 additional arenas and an endless mode.

Pest Hunter 2 is free to download on Google Play. It is also available on iOS and PC.


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