Published on November 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Challenging Strategy Puzzler Temporal Warps Onto Android

A brain bending new puzzle style strategy game called Temporal has arrived on Android with challenging turn based combat and plenty of neat minimalist art in tow. Developed by indie studio Navissal, Temporal is a futuristic strategy game with a straightforward yet surprisingly nuanced premise that sees players duking it out with 4 distinct alien armies using puzzle inspired territory capturing maneuvers. As the leader of one of these races it’s up to players to traverse a surreal looking world doing battle with their rivals in cerebral board game-like fashion.


Battles are played out on a tile-based grid with the object of each match being to capture more spaces than ones opponent in order to bring their army’s movement to a halt. Moving a unit next to an opponent’s will capture it for the player and vice-versa which leads to a tense back and forth between sides where the tide of battle can change at a moment’s notice. Each of the 4 armies has a special ability that can be charged up and used at critical points in the fight which adds another layer of strategy to proceedings. There’s also a handy single-device two player mode that makes for convenient multiplayer gameplay. Strategy and puzzle fans will definitely want to take a gander at Temporal.

Temporal is free to download on Google Play with a micro-transaction for removing ads.


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