Published on November 5th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Minimalist Twin Stick Shooter Watchlist Blasts Onto Mobile

A stylish new twin stick shooter in the vein of classics like Geometry Wars and Robotron called Watchlist has arrived on mobile with an interesting design approach that juxtaposes ultra minimalist graphics against equally defined shoot em up mayhem. Created by indie developer Fletcher Cole, Watchlist is a surprisingly thematic arcade shooter that casts players as a captured dissenter in a dystopian futuristic society who must personally hunt down the leaders of a rebel faction in order to earn their freedom. It’s up to players to blast their way through hordes of pixelated enemies until they progress far enough along the multi-stage overworld map to confront one of the uniquely challenging main bosses inside their own fortresses.


With engaging enemies, cool power ups, and responsive controls Watchlist is already an enjoyable shooter but it also puts its own mark on the genre thanks to mechanics like the ability to stack multiple weapon types for destructive screen-clearing effect. Players advance through the game by attacking enemy holdouts arranged on a map grid with the main bosses scattered off into the far reaches. In addition to collecting power ups dropped by defeated enemies players can also use accumulated points to fill their weapon load-out to the max before any particularly vexing matchups. Twin stick shooter fans will definitely want to give Watchlist a look.

Watchlist is available for $.99 on Google Play. It is also available on iOS, Amazon TV, and PC. Should you wish to vote for it on Steam Greenlight you can do so here.

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