Published on November 14th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Wacky Retro Platformer Tons Of Bullets Leaps Onto Android

After its initial release on iOS indie developer FredBear Games has brought its sardonic old school style metroidvania Tons Of Bullets over to Android. This tongue in cheek retro adventure has players going on an epic quest to save their girlfriend from a maniacal mad scientist as they blast away at hordes of pixelated baddies and explore for hidden upgrades to aid them in their plight. With its zany cutscenes, varied feature set, and old school shooter gameplay Tons Of Bullets feels fairly well rounded.


In order to save their beloved players must jump and shoot their way through semi-open ended levels defeating enemies and collecting important items that allow them to advance ever further. In addition to traditional platform shooter mechanics there are tons of neat extra touches like stealth sections and ride-able vehicles. Platforming fans looking for something meatier to sink their teeth into will want to take a gander at this sidescrolling pixel shooter.

Tons Of Bullets is free to download on Android and $1.99 on iOS.


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