Published on November 17th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Runner Sir Dash A Loot Charges Onto Android

From the developer behind the endless faller Earthquake Escape comes a new retro style platform adventure titled Sir Dash A Loot that crams the aesthetics of a 16-bit platformer into an endless runner mold. Created by indie studio Red Troll, Sir Dash A Loot is a charming hybrid of an old school sidescrolling action game and an endless runner where players embark on an epic quest to save a damsel in distress by leaping over obstacles and taking out medieval mercenaries. While basic in scope Sir Dash A Loot packs in a lot of replay value due to its precision demanding jumping mechanics.


As players charge forth from the left side of the screen they’ll be blocked by a wide variety of ancient architecture and variously powered enemy soldiers that can only be overcome with quick reflexes and a decisive slash. In addition to standard sword wielding enemies players will also encounter other types of foes such as archers and knights on horseback alongside the occasional bottomless chasm which all help to keep players on their toes. Those that last long enough and collect the requisite loot will be able to unlock additional characters to switch things up. Fans of old school platformers will want to give this charming retro throwback a go.

Sir Dash A Loot is free to download on Google Play.


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